Tennessee Telephones

- A Brief History of the 615 Area Code in Tennessee -

Area Code 615 is an area code in Tennessee that covers the city of Nashville (Davidson County) and 12 surrounding counties. Murfreesboro and Franklin are other major cities in the area code.

Originally, when the US/Canada area code format was introduced in October 1947, all of Tennessee was to be included within area code 901.

At some point during 1954 in a flash-cut, 615 was split off from 901, to serve Middle and East Tennessee (the area to the east of the Tennessee River's western run through the state).

In September 1995 area code 423 was created and assigned to the eastern part of the former 615 area code region, including Chattanooga, the Tri-Cities and Knoxville.

In September 1997, Middle Tennessee was split again, with the bulk of the area (including Clarksville, Cookeville, Columbia and Tullahoma) going to the new area code 931.

What remains in 615 is mostly the urban metropolitan area of Nashville.

In 1999, the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) informed the Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA) that the available telephone numbers in the 615 area code would be exhausted by the fourth quarter of 2000. The TRA and telecommunications providers implemented several number conservation measures that succeeded in averting the forecasted crisis. In 2003 the NANPA notified the TRA that the area code was not projected to exhaust its supply of numbers for at least five years.

State of Tennessee Area Codes: 423, 615, 731, 865, 901, 931
 North: 270 
West: 931area code 615East: 931
 South: 931 
State of Tennessee Area Codes: 423, 615, 731, 865, 901, 931
Commonwealth of Kentucky Area Codes: 270, 502, 606, 859