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January 30, 2019:  Added to the site.
Military page for Jimmy Dale Barlow.  Jimmy is the great-grandson of Alfred H (Hirton) Barlow.
January 30, 2019:  Links have been reestablished to the following Isle of Wight, VA family lineages, both closely related to the Barlar family.

January 30, 2019:  Added to the site.
Military pages for Carl Willis Barlow and Le Roy Barlow. Carl and Le Roy are great-grandsons of Alfred H (Hirton) Barlow.
January 29, 2019:  Added to the site.
Photo of Alfred G Barlow (son of Alfred H (Hirton) Barlow) and wife, Neoma Jane (Ingram) Barlow.
Submitted by Alfred's great-granddaughter, Karla Barlow, Taylor.
See Karla's email in the Guest Messages section of this site.

Alfred G. Barlow (d: 1908 - near Indianola, OK)

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February 09, 2018:  With profound shock and sadness, we must announce the sudden death of Larry Joe Barlar, who passed away today in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Great-grandson of William Henry Barlow, grandson of James Monroe "Jim" Barlar (Barlow) & son of Woodrow Wilson Barlar, Larry was a long time patron of Barlar.org, fully dedicated to the ongoing research of the Barlow ancestry and preservation of our family history.  To his wife Jean and their daughter, Sheri, sons, Kris and Woody, and grandchildren, Michael, Steven, Kristilin, Haley and Robert we send our sincere condolences.  To the people who knew and loved him, Larry was a unique individual who will be missed beyond expression.  Following cremation, burial will be in the Maplewood Cemetery in his hometown of Pulaski, Tennessee.  Memorial service details are not yet available.  Click here to read Larry's obituary.

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September 12, 2017:  It is with heavy hearts that we announce the death of our beloved aunt, Christine (Barlar), Redus, who passed away today in Cordova, Tennessee.  Christine was the granddaughter of William Henry Barlow, and the daughter of James Monroe "Jim" Barlow (Barlar).  To her children - our 1st-cousins - James Ronald Redus & wife, Pam, William Michael Redus & wife Kaye, and Jennifer Lynn (Redus) Anderson & husband Mark, and her 3 grandchildren, Josh & Lauren Anderson and Kris Redus, and step-granddaughter Karrie Astor, we send our love and deepest sympathies.  We cannot find the words to express what she meant to us and how much she'll be missed by us all.  The memorial service & burial will be held at Forest Hill Cemetery East in Memphis, TN on Friday the 15th.  Visitation will be at 9 AM followed by the service at 10 AM.

June 22, 2017:
  We extend our condolences to the family of Melba Claire (Barlar) Chick, who has passed away at the age of 89 years in San Jose, California.  Melba was the great-granddaughter of John Barlow of NC or VA, the granddaughter of John S. Barlow, and daughter of Clarence Bernie Barlow (Barlar), and she was a frequent contributor of information to this site.  We greatly regret her passing.  Please see Melba's obituary here. 

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September 14, 2016:
  We send our condolences to the family of William "Bill" Daniel Barlar, Sr., who passed away at the age of 83 in Clarksville, TN.  Bill was the grandson of Jeftus "Smith" Barlar & the son of one of our very favorite cousins, Floyd Garland Barlar. 
Bethel Memorial Cemetery in Clarksville, Tennessee is the place of burial. 

April 22, 2016:   Steven Barlar (great-grandson of Alfred Jordan (Barlow) Barlar) has let us know about a book entitled "Born in Union Station - Two Sisters and a Brother Remember", which was published in 2010, written by Elmo Adams and sisters Daphne Dunn and Nancy Leys.  The three are the step-grandchildren of Eugene Barlar and grandchildren of his wife, Beulah Blankenship Adams.  Steven says that in the book, the authors at one point describe a trip to Nashville and Middle Tennessee to visit family and speak of their maternal grandmother as "Mother Barlar", saying that she did not like to be called a grandmother, and they mention Eugene as "Gene".  "Mother Barlar" was an Adams before marrying Eugene.  Thanks to Steven for sharing this information with us.  The book is available at Amazon.

February 12, 2016:  Barlar.org has been redesigned and most of the links and photos throughout the site are now fully accessible. It is an ongoing process however, and there are still a few things yet to be done.  Any broken or incomplete links will be corrected as quickly as they are discovered. 
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April 26, 2015:  We have just learned of the death of Sara 'Maxine' (Barlar) McGee, granddaughter of Jeftus 'Smith' Barlow, and

daughter of Alexander 'Braden' Barlar, who passed away in Texas at the age of 81.  Maxine is survived by three of her six sisters: Glenda 'Kaye' (Barlar) Winford, Linda 'Faye' (Barlar) Webb and Patsy Larene (Barlar) Ellis.  Visitation will be held May 24 from 1 PM to 2 PM at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Pulaski, TN.  We extend our deepest condolences to Maxine's family.


January 8, 2015:  We have been informed of the passing of fellow researcher, Gerald Leon Housman, who
was a direct descendant of the Alfred Hirton Barlow lineage and the Isle of Wight, VA Barlow family.  Gerald will be well remembered for his work on expanding the knowledge base of the Barlow history, and we send our condolences to all his family.  Read his obituary


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November 19, 2014:  Thanks to Gerald Vick, g.g. grandson of Annie Jane Barlow, Vick, Annie's  photo page now includes a picture of her youngest son, Robert Smith Vick and his wife, Mary Helen (Hinson) Vick. 

August 29, 2014:  A new article about Interactive Gravestones has been added to the Articles page.  

July 25, 2014:  "New Law Designates Distinguished Flying Cross National Memorial at March Field Air Museum in Riverside, California."  President Obama today signed the Distinguished Flying Cross National Memorial Act, legislation sponsored by Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) that designates the Distinguished Flying Cross Memorial at the March Field Air Museum in Riverside, California, as a national memorial to  recognize members of our Armed Forces who have distinguished themselves by heroism in aerial flight. 

Our family member, Claude A. Waldrop, (1920-2007) descendant of John Maultsby Barlow (Barlar), is buried in the Riverside National Cemetery at March Field and was a Distinguished Flying Cross recipient.  For many years, Claude made the approximately three-hour round-trip drive from his home in Pacific Beach, California up to the March Field Museum where he volunteered his time and energies in support of the museum's continuing growth.  Claude would have certainly been extremely pleased to hear this news about the Distinguished Flying Cross Memorial.     

March 08, 2014:  A new record has been added to the site.  See Allen "Eugene" Barlar's 1917 Draft Registration Card.  Eugene is also listed in the Military Service section.   

February 04, 2014:  A new page has been added to the site listing 27 Barlar obituaries dating from 1937 to 1988, researched by and courtesy of Wayne Austin. 

January 03, 2014:  A new visitor/relative has recently contacted us through the Barlar.org | Facebook page.  Welcome to Chelsea Lane, g.g granddaughter of Alfred Jordan Barlow/Barlar and g.granddaughter of Mckinley Brown Barlar, Sr.  We're happy you've found us.

January 01, 2014:  To one and all, Barlar.org extends our heartiest best wishes for a wonderful new year.  Have a happy, healthy 2014!!

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December 29, 2013:  The sad news has arrived that Brooks Johnson passed away on Sunday, Dec 29th in Pulaski, TN at the ageof 87.  Brooks was the husband of Wilma Pearl Barlar, Johnson(descendant of Jeftus 'Smith' Barlar) and a lifelong friend of nearly all the Barlar family branches living in the Giles County, TN area.  Our sympathies go to his children, Sharon and Derek, and to all the other members of his family.  Brooks's obituary and gallery of family photos are available here.

November 02, 2013:  We extend our condolences to the family of Elizabeth 'Luree' (Barlar) Maxwell, who has passed away at the age of 87 years in Pulaski, Tennessee.  Luree was the granddaughter of Alfred Jordan Barlow/Barlar and the daughter of John Cahal Barlar, and she was the last of four children.  Her one sister, Evelyn Barlar, Chapman also passed away this year on January 2nd.  Luree's burial was in Maplewood Cemetery in Pulaski.  Her obituary is available here along with additional photographs.


September 19, 2013:  Additional records have been added to the Mary Ardena (Barlow) Ayres page for her sons, Robert Napoleon Ayers and John Harvey Ayres and others.   

September 08, 2013:  Additional information & new records have been added to the Charles P. Barlow page.  Documentation is now available confirming that the Eliza Osburn who married William Henry Barlow in 1845, did also marry Charles P. Barlow in 1958.  The 1927 death certificate of Charles & Eliza's daughter, Elvira 'Kansas' (Barlow) Henson, states that her mother's maiden name was Osburn.  

May 01, 2013:  2 new photos have been added to the Jeftus 'Smith' Barlar photograph page.  Click herePhotos courtesy of Shirley & Daniel Barlar. 

April 13, 2013:  Added to site: 1924 Woodlawn School students.  Click here to view.  And if anyone can identify any of the people in the picture, please let us know.  The Woodlawn School was in the Brick Church community in Giles County, TN.  Photo courtesy of Shirley & Daniel Barlar.

April 10, 2013:  Added to site: Death certificate of James Monroe 'Jim' Barlar (Barlow).  See the Records & Research page for his individual record.

March 14, 2013:  The Around Pulaski page has been updated.

March 13, 2013:  Added to site: Death certificates of John Harvey Ayers, Milton Brown Ayers, Robert Napoleon Ayers, Rosa May (Ayers) Warren, Wallace Clifton Ayers, Walter Hays Ayers, William Ransom Ayers, (children of Mary A. Barlow, Ayers).  See the Records & Research page for their individual records.  -Original data: Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics. 

January 31, 2013:  We send our condolences to the family of Pauline 'Virginia' (Barlar) Thurman, who recently passed away at the
age of 95.  A resident of Culleoka, Tennessee, Virginia was the granddaughter of Alfred Jordan Barlow (Barlar) and the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Barlar; and she was the remaining member of her three siblings, Ruby, Claxton, and Dolly.  Virginia's obituary is available here, and we thank Wayne Austin for letting us know about his aunt's passing.
02, 2013:  Evelyn (Barlar) Chapman was the daughter of John Cahal Barlar and the granddaughter of
 Alfred Jordan Barlow/Barlar.  We regret that 2013 is off to an unhappy start with Evelyn's death, which occurred in Pulaski, Tennessee at the age of 89; and we send our condolences to her family.  Evelyn's obituary is available here

January 01, 2013:  To all our family and friends, we send our very best wishes for a wonderful new year.  Here's to a Happy, Healthy, & Prosperous 2013!!

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December 24, 2012:  A photo has recently been added to the Alfred Jordan Barlow (Barlar) photograph album.  Click here for a 2011 picture of Barbara Ann Barlar, Bass and family.

November 30, 2012:  This week, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution designating 2012-2013 as the "Year of the Korean War Veteran," recognizing the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, and honoring the contributions and sacrifices made by Korean War veterans.  To read Senate Resolution 602, please click here.  To visit the Department of Defense's web site honoring the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, click here.

November 19, 2012:  The Military Service page has recently been updated, therefore, you may need to refresh your browser to view the latest version.

April 19, 2012:  Updates have been applied to the Records & Research page.

April 14, 2012:  Reminder.  Due to frequent updates and revisions to pages on this site, we suggest that after you land on a page, to be certain you're seeing the latest version, you "refresh" it by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard.

April 10, 2012:  Updates have been applied to the Nathan Thomas Barlow (Barlar) family tree page, and Nathan's photo page has been added to the Photographs section.  Additional records for Nathan's lineage are available and will be added within the next few days.

March 25, 2012:  Jerry Goforth - descendant of the Nathan Thomas Barlow (Barlar) lineage - has generously contributed a terrific new photo of Nathan in his Lynnville, TN general store. The picture is estimated to have been taken between 1909-1912.  We are grateful to Jerry for this nice addition to the site.  Please click here to see it.

23, 2012:  Mary Ellen (Carpenter) Hunt was the daughter of the Barlow/Barlar family's first real historian, Walcie Rowena
(Barlar) Car
penter, and the granddaughter of John Maultsby 'Doc' Barlow/Barlar.  We are sad to say that Mary Ellen passed away yesterday at the age of 91 and we extend our deepest sympathies to her family.  Mary Ellen has kindly provided photographs and information to this Web site for all to enjoy and she will certainly be missed by all of us.  Her obituary is available here.

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October 24, 2011:
  We send our condolences to the family of Barry Maxwell on the loss of his wife Cathy Joyce, who passed away on October 23rd, in Giles County, TN.  Barry is the son of Luree (Barlar) Maxwell, grandson of John Cahal Barlar, and g.grandson of Alfred Jordan Barlow (Barlar).  Read Cathy's obituary here.

Sep 06, 2011:  Added to site: Barlow Index.  The names of Barlows listed in census reports from 1810 to 1870. ...Click Here

July 12, 2011:  We are so very sorry to hear that the death of our cousin, Garland Barlar, occurred today in Nashville, TN,
at the
age of 83.  A native son of Pulaski, Tennessee, Garland was the great-grandson of William Henry Barlow, grandson of Jeftus 'Smith' Barlow (Barlar) and son of Floyd Jeftus Barlar.  We extend our sincerest sympathies to his family.  To read G
arland's obituary, please click here.
May 27, 2011:  Added to site: Mary A. Barlow, Ayres marriage record. Original data: Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002 Nashville, TN, USA: Tennessee State Library and Archives. Microfilm.  ...Click Here
May 23, 2011:  For those who have inquired about the exact location of of Mary A. Barlow, Ayers's grave site, the  following information was recently given to Larry J. Barlar by Dorothy 'Dottie' Ayers, Browning.  Dottie is one of Mary's granddaughters and she tells us that Mary is buried in the Gregg School Cemetery in Austin, TX (Travis County). For a photo and further details, including directions to the cemetery, please ...Click Here
May 17, 2011:  The Photographs page has been revised to accommodate all browsers. Please let us know if any other problems are encountered.
April 10, 2011:  NOTICE:  For those who are using the new Internet Explorer 9 browser.  We've just discovered that the IE 9 browser is not allowing a few of the pages of this web site to display properly -- particularly the Photographs page.  There have been no problems for those using the latest versions of the   Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome browsers.  A redevelopment of the affected pages is underway in an effort to accommodate the IE 9 browser.
March 03, 2011:
  We are very sad to learn that our good friend and cousin, Rayburn Cole Waldrop passed away on Thursday, March 3rd at the age of 89, at his home in Knoxville, TN., and we send our deepest sympathies to his family. Grandson of John Maultsby 'Doc' Barlow (Barlar) and son of Florence Roberta (Barlar) Waldrop, Ray was a wonderful man whose life was chock full of accomplishments and love from his family.  He was also a great friend of this web site and his frequent communications will be sorely missed.  To read Ray's obituary, please click here.

February 28, 2011:   We have just been informed by Rayburn Cole Waldrop's daughter that Ray is quite ill.  We want to let him know that we're all thinking about him and are sending along our very best wishes.
February 28, 2011:   You'll now find a fresh new look in our Photographs section.  The new design not only makes it easier to navigate, but adding new photos and managing updates will be easier, as well.  Click the Photographs link,  then follow the individual links from there.
February 11, 2011: We send our condolences to the family of Gloria Ann (Barlar) Nelson, who passed away on the eleventh of  this
month in Van Nuys, California after an extended illness.  The great granddaughter of our ancestor, William Henry Barlow was a granddaughter of James Monroe 'Jim'  Barlar, and daughter of Raymond Brown Barlar.  We especially send our sympathies 
to Gloria's half-sister, Karen (Barlar) Purcell, and her paternal aunt, Christine Barlar Redus.  No obituary has been located thus far, however, the funeral home memorial may be available for a limited time here.

January 11, 2011:   A terrific Barlar family reunion photo has been added to the site.  Contributed by Larry J. Barlar, the picture was taken in or before the year 1949 in Pulaski, Tennessee at the home of Floyd and Lois Barlar. To see it, click HERE.
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October 21, 2010:
Our sympathies go out to the family of Anne 'Clara' (Carpenter) Hunt, who passed away in Pleasant View, TN at the age of 85 years.  Clara was the great granddaughter of William Henry Barlow, granddaughter of John Maultsby "Doc" Barlow (Barlar), and daughter of one of our family's first known chroniclers, Walcie Rowena (Barlar) Carpenter.  Please click here for Clara's obituary.


October 11, 2010:  We are saddened by the loss of  Mildred Jean 'Tootsie' (Barlar) Cole, Gamble.  Tootsie was 78 years of age
she passed away last Friday in Columbia, TN.  Services were held on October 11th in the chapel of the Bennett-May Funeral Home and burial was in Pulaski's Maplewood Cemetery. Tootsie was the great granddaughter of William Henry Barlow, granddaughter of Jeftus 'Smith' Barlow (Barlar), and the daughter of David Daniel Barlar.  Our condolences go out to all her family. To read Tootsie's obituary, please click here.
March 09, 2010:  A page has been added that may be of particular interest to the Vick family members. Click here for the Vick DNA Project.

February 10, 2010:  New page in the Military Service section has been added for WWII veteran, McKinley Brown Barlar.

January 01, 2010:   HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!

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December 21, 2009:  We've brought back the Guest Messages page, which has been updated and is now available.

December 13, 2009:  New page - About Isle of Wight, VA has been added to the site.

December 11, 2009:  The John Barlow of VA or NC section has a fresh, new look and a few updates.  If anyone has any further information about the lineage, now would be a good time to let us know so that it can be included in these latest revisions.

December 04, 2009:  New pages added - Barlow Index & Federal census records (1810-1870).

December 01, 2009:  Additions have been made to the William Henry Barlow page.

November 28, 2009:  A new page has been added to the Military Service section for Lawrence 'Larry' Carlton Cummings.

November 26, 2009:  A photo has been added to the James 'Jim' Monroe Barlow (Barlar) page.

November 24, 2009:  
An addition has been made in the Records and Research section.  1810 to 1850 Federal Census Report info re: Barlow.

November 22, 2009: The John Barlow (1784/95 - 18_) of VA or NC lineage has been posted.

November 20, 2009:  Additions have been made in the Records and Research section.

November 18, 2009:
We've learned from his family that Martin Ayers (1920 - 2009), grandson of Mary A. Barlow, Ayers - passed away this week in Austin, Texas. We wish to extend our sympathies to his loved ones.


November 16, 2009:  Lt. Colonel Lawrence "Larry" Carlton Cummings, (USAF, Ret), husband of Frieda Farris (Waldrop)
Cummings, passed away yesterday in Austin, Texas after an extended illness.  Frieda is a great granddaughter of William Henry Barlow (Barlar), granddaughter of John Maultsby Doc Barlow (Barlar) & daughter of Florence Roberta (Barlar) Waldrop. We send our condolences to Frieda and her children.

November 10, 2009:  Additions have been made in the Records and Research section.
September 30, 2009:  We've just learned that Dolly Adell (Barlar) Davis - descendant of the Alfred Jordan Barlow (Barlar) branch - passed away last year on the 24th of August in Wilson County, NC.  Burial was in the Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery.

September 04, 2009:  Gypsy O'Malley Eslick - descendant of the John Barlow of NC or VA lineage passed away on Friday, September 4, 2009 at the age of 92 in Pulaski, TN.  Burial was in the New Zion Church Cemetery.

June 02, 2009:  Photos have been added to the Alfred Jordan Barlow (Barlar) gallery in the Photographs section.
May 28, 2009:  See the Family Tree section for the latest addition.

May 22, 2009:  See the Military Service section for new additions.

May 19, 2009:  New photos have been added to the Jeftus 'Smith' Barlow (Barlar) gallery in the Photographs section.

May 02, 2009:  Pages added: 1. Ruth Barlar Chapman (1887/'89 - 1933) of the John Barlow of VA or NC lineage.  2. W.W. Barlar family gravestones.

April 30, 2009:  Photos are currently being uploaded to the site and a number of pages are now available for viewing. Click on the Photographs link in the main menu to see the latest postings.

April 12, 2009:  Completed pages are now available in the Military Service section.

April 06, 2009:  Now available for viewing... Home - Family Tree - Military Service - DNA Test Results - Articles - Pulaski and Giles County, TN - Site Map.


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