1814 - 1815

Giles County, TN

Records Mentioning Phillips (and/or) Philips

[ Researched by Larry Joe Barlar (1935-2018)  ]



1814, Sep. 07

Last will and testament of William H. MURRY, dec'd, produced in court proven by oaths of George EARNEST, Thomas STANFORD, wit.. William PHILLIPS and Thomas PHILLIPS, exrs. therein named qualified.
... GI Cty., TN Cty. Ct. Min., p 227.


1814, Dec. 05

James BUMPASS, WIlliam PHILLIPS & Duncan MCINTIRE appointed commissioners to allot widow Mary ERNEST 1 years provisions for her and family from time George ERNEST departed this life.
... GI Cty., TN Cty. Ct. Min., p 270.


1814, Dec. 08

Ordered that sheriff be directed and commanded to summon the following men to serve as Jurors at the next Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions to be holden for the Cty. of GI the first Monday in March next, to wit:
James TINNEN, Gideon PILLOW, Duncan MCENTIRE, William PHILLIPS, William STANFORD, Larkin WEBB, John PAUL, Jacob TEMPLEN, Samuel PEARSON, David CAMPBELL, David W. PORTER, Richard BENTLY, Buckner HARWELL, Sr., James ROBINSON, William EZZELL, John SIMS, Archibald CROCKETT, Robert ALSUP, John McNight (BRAWSHAW), James KIMBROUGH, Elijah ANTHONY, Shadrack HARWELL, Samuel HARWELL, Joseph MCDONALD, Thomas H. GORDON & Nathan FARMER.
... GI Cty., TN Cty. Ct. Min., p 300.


1815, Mar. 06

The following persons qualified and charged as a Grand Inquenst of the body of the Cty., to wit:
Duncan MCINTIRE, foreman, Shadrack HARWELL, Samuel PEARSON, William STANDFORD, Archibald CROCKETT, Joseph MCDONALD, William EZELL, Nathan FARMER, John PAUL, James KIMBROUGH, Richard BENTLEY, Larkin WEBB and William PHILLIPS, who having rec'd their charge retired to consider presentment.
... GI Cty., TN Cty. Ct. Min., p 336.


1815, Aug. 05

Monday (It appears something happened to the courthouse, possibly another fire.)
... GI Cty., TN Cty. Ct. Min., p 395.


1815, Jun. 06

Ordered that James BUMPASS, Duncan MCINTYRE and William PHILLIPS be apptd. comm.to let to the lowest bidder keeping of an orphan child named Thomas CYLER now in the possession of Wm. ARRINGTON for the term of 12 months and that they make report to next court.
... GI Cty., TN Cty. Ct. Min., p 415


1815, Oct. 11

Persons summoned to attend as grand & petit jurors at this term to wit:
William H. RAGSDALE, Humphry TOMKINS, Aquilla WILSON, William PRICE, Robert PAINE, Robert BUCHANAN, Thomas STEELE, Willis S. MCLAURINE, William MAPLES, Drury ALLSUP, William NEEL, Alexander BLACK, Ralph GRAVES, John PHILIPS, Samuel G. ANDERSON, Nelson PATTERSON, William MAYFIELD, John DICKEY, Walter LOCK, Joel BYLER, Alexander MILLER, William PERKINS, John JONES.
... GI Cty., TN Cir. Ct., p 306.