1860 Census Report - Giles County, Tennessee (Barlar & Phillips)

( Bodenham District - Page 106)


  • In this 1860 census report, the surname for William Henry Barlow was listed as Barlar.

  • Susan Frances Philips ( also spelled with two Ls) was the daughter of Alfred & Mary Phillips.

  • Mary Phillip's maiden name may have been Collier.

  • William Henry Barlow, the elder Phillips & the elder Colliers were all from North Carolina.

  • It appears that Alfred R. Philips (age 22) was living with the Shane Family at the time of this census.


 2 NameAgeSexClrProfessionValue of
Real Estate
Value of
Personal Estate
Place of Birth111213  14  
5344William Philips83M Farmer800490N Car  1 
  Charlotte Philips78F    N Car  1 
 45Rose A. Philips28F    N Car  1 
  Easter L. J. Philips4F    N Car    
  Susan E. Philips1/12F    N Car    
5952James B. Shane59M Farmer400500Tenn    
  Asenith Shane48F    Tenn    
  Mary E. Shane18F    Tenn    
  Asenith A. Shane16F    Tenn 1  
  Joseph Shane13M    Tenn 1  
  Martha E. Shane11F    Tenn 1  
  Elmira J. Shane9F    Tenn 1  
  Frances J. Shane7F    Tenn 1  
  William R. Shane5M    Tenn 1  
  Alfred R. Philips22M Farm Laborer 100Tenn    
6052Henry W. Philips26M Farmer 100Tenn    
  Mary E. Philips18F    Tenn    
  Potenella Philips4/12F    Tenn    
 54James J. Philips28M Farmer300100Tenn    
  Sarah A. Philips25F    Tenn    
  James A. Philips7M    Tenn 1  
  Mary E. Philips4F    Tenn    
  John M. Philips2M    Tenn    
  Jordan W. Philips2/12M    Tenn    
6355William Barlar32M Farmer700185N Car  1 
  Susan F. Barlar28F    Tenn    
  Mary A. Barlar5F    Tenn    
  Lee G. Barlar4M    Tenn    
  Alfred J. Barlar3M    Tenn    
  Ann J. Barlar1F    Tenn    
6457Eliza A. Collier36F   100Tenn  1 
  Martha M. Collier5F    Tenn    
6759Alfred Philips56M Miller 150N Car    
  Mary Philips61F    N Car  1 

Field 1 = House Number
Field 2 = Family Number
Field 11 = Married during the year
Field 12 = Attended School during year
Field 13 = Over 20 and unable to read or write
Field 14 = Whether deaf & dumb, blind, insane, idiot, etc