Copy of 1934 Letter

From: Mamie Ayers (granddaughter of Mary A. Barlow, Ayers & Will Ayers)

To: Raymond Brown Barlow (Barlar) (son of James Monroe Barlow/Barlar)

[ Researched by Larry Joe Barlar (1935-2018) ]


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According to his death certificate and the postmark on the actual envelope,
William 'Will' Allen
Ayers (1855-1934)
died in Austin, Texas the day after this letter was mailed.  The letter has been transcribed for easier reading; and please note that the family was still using the surname
Barlow in 1934.  Also please note that although Mamie dated the letter Aug 3, the postmark
shows that it was mailed on August 2, 1934.


August 3, 1934

Dear Cousin Raymond:

I was visiting grandpa Sunday afternoon, and he asked me to answer the card you sent him several weeks ago. He was glad to hear from you, but was sorry to learn of your mother being ill.

Grandpa has been in bed for a number of weeks and is still down.  Monday he had a bad attack with his heart again, but tonight when I called, he was feeling a bit better.  His case, he is very ill one moment and much better the next.

I am still working at Kress, the place where I have been the last five years. During July I had a two week's paid vacation.  Maybe you don't think I really enjoyed it. Papa is still at Swan & Schulle Furniture Store and all the others are the same as when you were here.

Speaking of hot weather, but last month the official thermometers reached 104 degrees, this breaking the heat records for many years past.  The drought has set many good farmers back, but there are at present many little country towns receiving their share of rain after so long.

You must continue to write, and grandpa wants all the folks to write and tell all the news. I shall be glad to answer letters sent to us or grandpa.

Your Cousin,
Mamie Ayers (I am the granddaughter of your Uncle Will)

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This is the actual envelope dated Aug 2, 1934.

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