William Henry Barlow


1850 - 1853

Susan Frances Phillips (2nd Wife)

[B: 1822/23 - NC]

[B: 11/07/1831 - TN]

[D  03/1897 - Brick Church, TN]   

[D: 06/14/1913 - TN] 

Her Parents:  Alfred Phillips and Mary (Collier) Phillips.




Their Children:

B / D:

§         Mary A.

§         Lee Gusta

§         Alfred Jordan

§         Annie Jane

§         John Maultsby Doc

§         Nathan Thomas

§         Pinkney Fields Pink

§         Jeftus Smith

§         James Monroe Jim 

1854 - 1913

1856 - 1932

1857 - 1934

1859 - 1914

1861 - 1949

1863 - 1915

1866 - 1949

1868 - 1936

1870 - 1965


What we know about William Henry Barlow (Barlar) and Timeline

  • 1822 / '23: He was born BarLOW - not Barlar, in North Carolina.
    When and why he went to Lawrence County and Giles County,
    TN., is not yet known.
  • 1845 Marriage: Married to Eliza Osburn on April 1, 1945 in Lawrence County, TN.  Eliza's family had also come from North Carolina and were living in Lawrence Co., TN.  See original marriage document here.
  • 1850 Federal Census: No confirmed listing has been found for him in this census year.
  • 1850 - 1853: His life with Susan Frances Phillips was established before the birth of their first child, Mary.  In the 1850 census, Susan Frances was still living in her father's house.
  • 1860 Federal Census for Giles County (Bodenham District): William Henry was listed as BarLAR.  He was living with Susan Frances and their children in Bodenham.
  • 1870 Federal Census: No listing for this year has yet been found.  It is safe to assume, however, that in 1870, he was living in Brick Church, TN, since his youngest child was born there in October of that same year.
  • 1880 Federal Census for Giles County (Dist 19):  He was listed as BarLAR and was living in Campbellsville.  See Giles County District Map from 1878.
  • 1883: According to the 1883 Pulaski Citizen newspaper article, he was once again living in Brick Church.
  • 1897 (March): His death and burial took place in Brick Church, TN..
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Birth / Death / Marriage

  • His date of birth has been calculated by the ages listed in the census reports and his obituary, placing it in 1822/1823.
  • His place of birth has most consistently been listed as North Carolina.
  • The names of his parents have not been clearly established, although it is likely his father was John Barlow (b: 1784/1795 / d: 1860/1870) from Virginia and/or North Carolina.  Information about his mother has not yet been found.
  • The birth place of his parents has most consistently been listed as North Carolina.
  • The date of his marriage to Susan Frances Phillips is estimated to have been between 1850-1853.  In the 1850 Federal Census, Susan was listed as still living in her father's household.
  • Family lore says that prior to his marriage to Susan Frances Phillips, William Henry was married to someone else and had already fathered a child.  We have, in fact, learned that a marriage did take place between William Barlow and Eliza Osburn in April 1845 in Lawrence County, TN, and that it didn't last. 
  • In January 1858 the same Eliza Osburn, (Barlow) married Charles P. Barlow, whose relationship to William Henry is believed to have been that of half-brother.  In March of 1957, 10-months prior to Eliza's marriage to Charles P. Barlow, she had a child, a daughter named Elvira 'Kansas' Barlow.  Records list C.P. Barlow as the father of the child. 
  • Attempts to learn the circumstances surrounding William Henry's marriage to Eliza Osburn are ongoing, as well as attempts to find a record of their divorce and whether there were any children from that marriage.
  • According to census records, William Henry was unable to read and/or write.  He was also listed as deaf.
  • William Henry's death occurred in March 1897 in Brick Church, Tennessee.  The listed cause was La Grippe (influenza).
  • The location of his gravesite is in Brick Church, Tennessee, in the Marsh-Haywood Cemetery.  Click here for further details.


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