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WELCOME, all branches of the Barlar/Barlow family to, where our objective is to collect and maintain on the Internet as much information about the history of our family as possible... the lineage of William Henry Barlow (Barlar) of NC and Giles County, TN., and his wife, Susan Frances (Phillips).

For those of you attempting to discover new details about your ancestors, we hope there will be useful information in the materials already gathered here to help further your research; and we invite all who have additional information about our family's roots to contact us. We'll be happy to post any updates.


The Barlar Surname:

In 2004, confirming what the Barlar family had largely been told, a genetic DNA test conducted on Larry J. Barlar (one of William Henry Barlow's great grandsons) proved beyond any doubt that Barlar is actually not our family surname.

The test verified that the name, Barlar, which began to be widely used by William Henry Barlow's descendants sometime after 1860, was a departure from the true lineage. While it is not our original surname, it has nevertheless remained in use by most, though not all, members of this particular branch of the family for almost 150 years.

Further discoveries from the DNA test were that our Giles County, Tennessee branch of the Barlow (Barlar) family actually descends from the Isle of Wight, Virginia Barlow lineage, and that we are also closely related to both, the Alfred Hirton Barlow of North Carolina lineage and the Richard of West Virginia lineage, as well as the John Barlow (1784/95 - 18 ) of VA or NC lineage, which eventually migrated to Lawrenceburg, TN.

Family historian Susan (Barlow) Holmes provided much of the research for both, the Isle of Wight, VA Barlow lineage and the Alfred Hirton Barlow of NC lineage. Research for the Richard of West Virginia lineage has been provided by Nancy (Barlow) Bruns of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Additional details from the DNA test result are available by clicking on the DNA Test Results link in the side menu of this website.

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William Henry Barlow Facts:

. Census records most consistently list NC as the birth place of William Henry Barlow in 1822 or 1823.
. The estimated date of William Henry Barlow's marriage to Susan Frances Phillips is between 1850 & 1853. Their permanent home was in Giles County, Tennessee, and they were the parents of 7 sons, 2 daughters, and 1 deceased infant (gender unknown).
. William Henry Barlow's death occurred in March 1897 in Brick Church, TN. Influenza was the stated cause and burial was in Brick Church, TN., in the

Marsh-Haywood Cemetery.


- Circa 1909 -

Family of

William Henry Barlow