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Mary Ardena (Barlow) Ayres

1854 - 1914

Born in Giles County, TN, Mary was the 1st of 10 children born to William Henry Barlow (Barlar) and Susan Frances Phillips.  Sometime after November 1890 she and her husband, Will Ayres, and the children they already had by then, moved from Giles County, Tennessee to Austin, Texas, where they would live for the rest of their lives.  Mary died on April 10, 1914.  She was the mother of 13 children, including 3 sets of twins.

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 Oct 12, 1874

Mary's Marriage Record 

Circa 1895

Mary & Husband, Will Ayres 


Mary's Burial Site 


Mary's Death Certificat 

1923 Death Certificate of

Rosa May (Ayers) Warren

(Mary's Daughter)


Will Ayers Death Certificate 

1934 Death Certificate of

William Ransom Ayers

(Mary's Son) 

 Circa 1940s

Mary's Granddaughters 


Mary's Son, John & Family 

1947 Death Certificate of

Walter Hay Ayers

(Mary's Son) 

1948 Death Certificate of

Wallace Clifton Ayers

(Mary's Son) 

1950 Death Certificate of

John Harvey Ayers

(Mary's Son) 

1958 Death Certificate of

Robert Napoleon Ayers

(Mary's Son) 

 1970 Death Certificate of

Milton Brown Ayers

(Mary's Son) 


Mary's Grandchildren 


Ayres / Waldrop 

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Mary's Granddaughters